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Reminder for Payment Transfer and Data Safety

Recently we encountered a fraud activity asking one of our customer companies to change the payment account into its scam account. The fraudster pretended to be our employee and used an identical proforma invoice layout with the same beneficiary company name and commit the fraud. The only difference is the bank account number has changed to their scam account. Fortunately, we have detected such activity and there has not been any payment transferred.

We want to share this story with you because we are concerned that a similar fraud could potentially happen again, and feel we have to remind our customers to stay cautious about such activities.

Orientx did not change our bank account recently and we will NOT change our bank information or account number unless the following conditions have been made:

  1. An official statement from the president with his signature and official Orientx stamp; and

  2. Personally deliver the alteration through phone call or conference(online or offline) with our sales representative responsible to your company.

We believe it is hard to eliminate all frauds and want to remind our customers to carefully check the email address sent to you with the correct domain name. If you detect any suspicious activities regarding payments or other crucial changes, you can always request a formal confirmation from Orientx.

And please allow us to remind the importance of data safety. This area could include email account passwords, online digital files, etc.

We hope such fraud will never happen to you. As the New Year has approached, we are ready for the constant changes in the international markets. We are very much looking forward to having another promising year to cooperate with you.

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